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We post insurance related articles to our blog on a fairly consistent basis. We try to answer your questions before you ask them. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance Page as well. We are always here for you!


What gets us excited at Eastway? We get excited when we can save people money. In fact, we go out of our way to help people save money. When you come to us for a quote, we don’t charge anything to help you find the best rate and coverage. Every one of our Auto and Home policyholders saved money by working with us.

How easy is it to save money? Saving money is just as easy as getting a new quote. A quote starts with basic information and there are also a lot of questions to answer. If you are not getting asked a lot of questions, there’s a good chance you don’t have the right price...


Auto and Home Insurance is going up nationally and especially in New York State. If you have a lapse in auto insurance coverage it will be extremely difficult to secure affordable coverage and in some cases any coverage at all. Most insurance companies require you to have current insurance in place before switching to another carrier. If you do not currently have insurance, you will be denied by most companies.

How did this happen? There are a lot of answers, but the main reason is cost effectiveness. Insurance companies lose money from bad risks and the less bad risks they insure...

What Does Joe Namath Know About Your Benefits?

If You Guessed ‘nothing’ then you are correct! Insurance is confusing enough without former athletes and stars advising us about our benefits. Regardless of what type of insurance you have - the television commercials always promote the slightest possibilities to the widest audience. A call center operator cannot appreciate your personal needs after spending minutes on the phone with you.

Eastway Insurance Agency has been an Independent, Family Owned, Local Agency since 1983. We do not advertise on television or in the newspaper and most of our clients are referrals. We do not...


The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has been signed into law. Much has been said about the environmental and economic aspects, but what it’s proposed to do for Medicare could surely have a big impact on the industry.

Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, which is set to be signed into law today. This government reconciliation bill promises to fund environmental efforts, close tax loopholes, work to...


What is Inflammation?

There are a lot of products and diets out there that promise to combat inflammation, but what does that mean? What is inflammation? What causes it, and how does it influence our health?

Inflammation is one of those health industry buzzwords that you see often, but it’s never really defined. So often, it’s tied to some product that promises to reduce inflammation, with a tagline that inflammation is the leading cause of some scary-sounding condition. It may surprise you that inflammation is a natural occurrence for our bodies. While inflammation can have...


Does Medicare Cover Respite Care?

Being a caregiver for a loved one receiving hospice care can be difficult. Respite care can give you a chance to rest and recharge, but does Medicare cover it?

We all need a little rest from time to time, but for those who act as primary caregivers for their loved ones, rest may be difficult to come by. It may be even more elusive if your loved one has a critical condition that requires constant supervision and care.

Respite care can help caregivers find some relief. Of course, any kind of specialized care will cost money, but will...


Get ready for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period with our centralized guide to AEP.

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is right around the corner! Every year, the AEP is your opportunity to enroll in or switch to a Medicare plan that fits your ever evolving health care needs. This special enrollment window only runs October 15 to December 7, so it’s important to be prepared to accomplish anything you’d like to during that time. If reviewing or changing your coverage seems a little daunting with all the different plans and benefits on the market and decisions to make, don’t...


What you need to know before going to a plan sponsored event or seminar.

Have you been invited to a Medicare seminar by one of the top insurance providers? Maybe your own insurance provider has invited you to a free, no-obligation Medicare event near you? This is what you must know before you go to that meeting.

Insurance company sponsored events can be informative. The problem is that they will only inform you about their plan, the plan they want you to purchase. What they won’t tell you is anything about all the other major insurance providers and plans in your area and...


There are a number of factors that designate what Medicare Part D plans can offer beneficiaries. While defined standard benefits set the bar, the other factors of Part D coverage can influence what you pay out of pocket.

Purchasing Medicare Part D is something that’s important to consider for anyone who is enrolled in Original Medicare. These privately offered plans cover many of the important prescription drugs and medications that can be an essential...

Agent Carmen Fantauzzi.jpg

We always put the needs of our clients and potential clients first. Today I was asked to write a new plan for a potential client and most agents would have done so without hesitation. However this would not have been in the best interest of this specific individual. I did not leave with a sale but I did leave with another new friend and that is a kind of profit you can’t put a price on.

We value doing what is right more than any potential commission and it is this level of dedication to service we expect of ourselves. There are not many agents or agencies still around who will advise...