Auto And Home Insurance Is Going Up

Auto and Home Insurance is going up nationally and especially in New York State. If you have a lapse in auto insurance coverage it will be extremely difficult to secure affordable coverage and in some cases any coverage at all. Most insurance companies require you to have current insurance in place before switching to another carrier. If you do not currently have insurance, you will be denied by most companies.

How did this happen? There are a lot of answers, but the main reason is cost effectiveness. Insurance companies lose money from bad risks and the less bad risks they insure – the more profitable they are. You will be seen as a bad risk if you do not currently have insurance coverage for the last year or two. Some insurance carriers will charge a higher premium if your coverage was cancelled or lapsed. That is if they can underwrite you at all.

If you get a cancellation notice from your insurance company, Do Not Ignore this Letter!!! Your best option is to try to keep your existing coverage. Contact them and ask if you can stay by making a payment (and late fee if any). Your immediate next step is to start looking for other coverage. Remember you need to have coverage in order to change your coverage.

As an Independent Agency, Eastway can offer many insurance companies, allowing us to shop for the best coverage and lowest rates. If you have questions about Auto or Home insurance we will go out of our way to answer you. We are immensely proud to celebrate our 40th year supporting our community. Founded by the late Patrick Saulino in 1983, we are family owned and operated and we love what we do! We have helped thousands of people save money and this motivates us to help more. We get excited when we can be a part of making life easier for anyone. The right attitude can make a lifetime of difference.

Please reach out to us by email: answers@eastwayinsuranceagency.com or by call (585) 586-2390 and we will go out of our way to help you.

Link to New York State Department of Financial Services for more information: https://www.dfs.ny.gov/consumers/auto_insurance/cancellation_and_renewal

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What Does Joe Namath Know About Your Benefits?

If You Guessed ‘nothing’ then you are correct! Insurance is confusing enough without former athletes and stars advising us about our benefits. Regardless of what type of insurance you have - the television commercials always promote the slightest possibilities to the widest audience. A call center operator cannot appreciate your personal needs after spending minutes on the phone with you.

Eastway Insurance Agency has been an Independent, Family Owned, Local Agency since 1983. We do not advertise on television or in the newspaper and most of our clients are referrals. We do not charge to review your insurance and we do not receive a commission for advising you. It costs you nothing to review your coverage with us and you could potentially save money with the knowledge you gain. Everyone is different and every plan does not fit everybody. Let’s talk about what works for you!

Eastway Insurance Agency, Inc.

What makes us unique is simply being honest. We approach each client, situation, question, problem, issue and each new day with complete honesty. We sit down with people to go over their needs, situation and their issues. We answer their questions in a relaxed atmosphere where the pressure to buy is replaced with the opportunity to learn. This is our niche and why we have been in business for over thirty years: as time goes on just being honest is becoming rare.

Most know that nothing is free and if it says it's free there is a cost somewhere along the line. Some people like to put a spin on things to make them sound better. Some companies offer free gifts to ‘sign up’ with them. True Personal Service is the only free gift our Agents offer.

Our Agents can come and visit you for free and provide you an opportunity to voice your thoughts and ask questions. The only cost is if you decide to purchase a policy and the cost of that policy will not change because you purchased it through us. The only thing that does change is this: if and when you have a question,...


What is Inflammation?

There are a lot of products and diets out there that promise to combat inflammation, but what does that mean? What is inflammation? What causes it, and how does it influence our health?

Inflammation is one of those health industry buzzwords that you see often, but it’s never really defined. So often, it’s tied to some product that promises to reduce inflammation, with a tagline that inflammation is the leading cause of some scary-sounding condition. It may surprise you that inflammation is a natural occurrence for our bodies. While inflammation can have health detriments and chronic inflammation can influence or lead to certain illnesses or conditions, you can’t eliminate inflammation entirely. So, to show you that we don’t have to fear a little inflammation and that it can be controlled, let’s explore exactly what it is, how it can influence your health, and how you can control it. Once we understand inflammation, it’s not as scary.

What Is Inflammation?

As we hinted at earlier, inflammation occurs naturally in the body as an immune...