NYS Rate Increases

Have you considered switching your current coverage? We can help you validate the premium you are paying. Saving you money does not always require a new policy and our primary goal is to help you save. We can quote multiple companies as well as explain what you are paying for and how it compares in coverages. If you are a small business owner we can quote you too!

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As an Independent Agency, Eastway can offer many insurance companies, allowing us to shop for the best coverage and lowest rates. If you have questions about Auto, Home, Life or Health Insurance we will go out of our way to answer you. We are immensely proud to celebrate our 40th year supporting our community. Founded by the late Patrick Saulino in 1983, we are family owned and operated and we love what we do! We have helped thousands of people save money and this motivates us to help more. We get excited when we can be a part of making life easier for anyone. The right attitude can make a lifetime of difference.

Please reach out to us by email: or by call (585) 586-2390 and we will go out of our way to help you.

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Life Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give. It can also be the greatest gift you receive. I know because I received this gift. I had a catastrophic injury to my cervical spine and donor bone is the reason I can walk and talk today. Without the Gift of Life, I would have been a quadriplegic on a ventilator. My name is Joe Rothpearl. I am a donor recipient and a Proud Partner with Donate Life New York State (Click to Register Here!!!)

What Does Joe Namath Know About Your Benefits?

If You Guessed ‘nothing’ then you are correct! Insurance is confusing enough without former athletes and stars advising us about our benefits. Regardless of what type of insurance you have - the television commercials always promote the slightest possibilities to the widest audience. A call center operator cannot appreciate your personal needs after spending minutes on the phone with you.

Eastway Insurance Agency has been an Independent, Family Owned, Local Agency since 1983. We do not advertise on television or in the newspaper and most of our clients are referrals. We do not charge to review your insurance and we do not receive a commission for advising you. It costs you nothing to review your coverage with us and you could potentially save money with the knowledge you gain. Everyone is different and every plan does not fit everybody. Let’s talk about what works for you!

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A lot of Medicare Supplement owners pay more than others for the same plan. By law all plans must provide the same benefits - just not at the same cost. It's not apples an oranges either. It's the same apple with a different label. If you are seeing red with your health insurance costs it may be that you are paying more than you need to. A Health Insurance Review can help to better understand your health care cost and save you more than money. Their is no obligation and no better time than this moment.

Take a look at this link from New York State Department of Financial Services and let us know what you think!