What to Expect When Purchasing a Final Expense Life Insurance Plan

I’m nervous about purchasing a Final Expense Life Insurance plan, please tell me what to expect at our appointment.

First and foremost your Life Insurance plan must address your particular situation, needs and budget. What you choose has to be affordable this month, next month and next year so your plan will remain in force to help your family or fulfill whatever purpose you have in mind.

We can meet at our office, your home or a local coffee shop. The key to the most affordable plans includes underwriting by the Insurance Companies. We will ask some simple health related questions, such as height, weight, smoker/non-smoker and current medications. This information is used to find the most affordable plan among many different Life Insurance Companies.

The plan must make sense, fit your budget and cover your needs. Once you are ready to proceed with the application, a short telephone interview is done and then you will receive disclosures and copies of your Life Insurance plan paperwork. Most of our clients admit that after the paperwork and interview is completed they have achieved peace of mind with their decision to purchase Life Insurance.

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