What Is The Contestability Period For Life Insurance?

In New York State the Contestability Period is two years. The Contestability Clause is a Life Insurance policy provision. It allows the Insurer to void or contest the policy if any misrepresentation is discovered before the two year period expires. After two years have passed the Insurer cannot contest the policy for any reason other than non-payment. To ensure a policy stays in force and is not contested it is wise to always answer honestly and completely any questions on a life insurance application.

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What are Beneficiaries for Life Insurance?

A Beneficiary for Life Insurance is the Person or Persons designated to receive the death benefit from the life insurance. Beneficiaries are usually Spouses, Children, Siblings, Parents and other Close Relatives, Friends and Partners. Nonprofit institutions such as Places of Worship, Schools, Libraries, and Community Groups are also commonly chosen beneficiaries. The Beneficiary should be a responsible party who will be aware that they...


What Happens If You Lie About Smoking On A Life Insurance Application?

Whether you tell a lie on purpose, or by accident, or misrepresent the facts in any way on a Life Insurance application, you are gambling that the Insurance Company won’t find out and you may lose that gamble. The Life Insurance Companies have 2 years from the effective date of the policy to do their homework. This contractual clause of the life insurance policy is called the 2 year contestability clause. The insurance company, with your...


Does a Stay at Home Spouse Need Life Insurance?

Let’s take a look at what may need to happen if a stay at home spouse died. You can never put a price on a loved one. However, you can put a price on the work that person did while alive.

It has been said that the amount of money needed to employ someone 40 hours a week with benefits to clean, cook, do laundry, care for children and shop for food is way over $35,000 a year. Stay at home spouses work more than 40 hours a week and more...


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