What You Need To Know Before You Go To A Plan Sponsored Event

What you need to know before going to a plan sponsored event or seminar.

Have you been invited to a Medicare seminar by one of the top insurance providers? Maybe your own insurance provider has invited you to a free, no-obligation Medicare event near you? This is what you must know before you go to that meeting.

Insurance company sponsored events can be informative. The problem is that they will only inform you about their plan, the plan they want you to purchase. What they won’t tell you is anything about all the other major insurance providers and plans in your area and in your network. They won’t help you compare their plan to any other companies plans. They won’t do a comparison on what your drugs would cost on other plans aside from their own. Because they only want you to go with their plan.

At Eastway we know that the only way for you to choose a plan is to have a fair comparison of all the plans available to you. We know because we provide our clients, friends, and family members with comprehensive comparisons from all the plans available. We are contracted with most companies in New York State, and we are not biased to favor one over another. We favor you and what suits your needs. We also research and help you with any insurance companies plans and not just the ones we choose to contract with.

We want you to go that meeting and see what the insurance company wants to tell you. In fact, to do yourself justice you really should go to every insurance company meeting. But then again you could just call us. We research every plan available, and we can review any plan available to you as you see fit. You oversee your health and your health insurance. Ask questions and give yourself enough time to digest all the information. This is about you!

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